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GeniueJacob Hiller is an athletic performance coach and the creator of the Jump Manual. As every other basketball player, he was obsessed about jumping higher and tried every conceivable method like the Air Alert program, ankle weights, stair running, but wasn’t happy with the results.
The Jump Manual is structured like a book with different chapters explaining warm up routines, proper nutrition and the exercises of the jump training program. If you read through all of it, not only will you understand how the Jump Manual works but also gain a pretty good understanding of the science behind vertical jump training.
Other programs just give you a list of exercises to do, but with the Jump Manual, you gain knowledge that will be helpful even when you are no longer doing the Jump Manual
While The Jump Manual is a long and comprehensive program that contains pages upon pages of science-based training approaches, surprisingly, that’s not what makes it so successful for so many people worldwide.
The real reason is in fact much simpler.
Hiller took hundreds of the most significant research papers, studies, and training manuals in the field of vertical jumping, and then tested their theories and distilled that information into a 14-day training routine that can be understood, absorbed, and completed by anyone. Click Here For Detailed Information…

This is a genuine The Jump Manual Review. In this review you can uncover if The Jump Manual happens to be scam or just genuine. We have analyzed the product carefully and then composed a truthful review concerning it. In the event that you just want to learn more of this product, keep reading.


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