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GeniueHow to “terminate” an opponent using the same program taught to the Navy SEALS
The secret “DDP-IT” formula for taking out a thug with a knife or bat attacking you
How to use a knife offensively! Rarely taught anywhere!
What to do if you’re outclassed by a better weapon in a fight (just like, if you have a knife and your opponent has a gun!)
Learn my patented “X-Spear-Sewing Machine” tactic which the elite agents loved!
The 3 P’s of stick fighting which you can learn in seconds – and make you look like an Asian master when handling an impact weapon
How to use the psychology when facing or using a gun to your advantage using bargaining, exchanging and “no shoot” quick decision making.
Tons more!
Ground tactics not taught at MMA gyms that you NEED!
Positional secrets which will triple your striking power
The simple 2 on 1 defensive strategy, covering knives in close quarters!
How to ditch and bait your opponent opening up a huge target
The secret in performing a perfect choke (not what you think!)
The kick off move, giving you the distance and time you need to defend yourself against bigger and stronger men
Much more!
The 3 step multiple attacker tactic (this takes if further than my basic mass attack instruction you might have seen in other programs of mine)
How to use the “Dangerous Priority” rule to take out multiple attackers with weapons!
What to do if one guy attacks you with a knife and the other with a gun! At the same time!
How knowing the first step to take when attacked by multiple people can either save your life, or end it!
See dozens of real life situations acted out for you, so you can see the strategies in action! All 42!
We filmed in a bar, parking lot, out in the street and in a restaurant so you can see how these work in the real world!
Too much more to cover here! Click Here For Detailed Information…

Thanks for visiting our Street Fighting Matrix Review. In this review you can easily uncover whether Street Fighting Matrix is a scam or legit. You should continue reading in case you think about purchasing this product.


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