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Geniue50 Secrets About Men by Anandi Peters is much more than a book about “how to get a hot guy”.
It’s about creating a relationship with yourself first, so that you effortlessly attract the right kind of man.
Not just any man.
The right kind of man… not the “same pattern, different face” kind of relationship rollercoaster that many women are stuck riding.
For every woman who longs for the relationship of her dreams, this ebook gives both practical and inspiring guidance that any woman can immediately apply. Find out what hundreds of woman have already discovered!
If you approach the lessons in this book with an open mind as well as an open heart, and honest willingness to do what it takes to master your own inner world – meaning, doing the exercises as suggested and not blowing them off looking for the magic pill… then you will create the energetic environment to effortlessly attract the man of your dreams. Click Here For Detailed Information…

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