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GeniueExcessive indoor air pollution can cause sick building syndrome (SBS), cases of which still occur in Japanese homes despite strict regulations on the value of indoor chemical substances established by the Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare. Idiopathic environmental intolerance (IEI), so-called multi-chemical sensitivity (MCS) has become another issue because it is caused by an extreme low concentration of chemical substances. These problems are discussed from the viewpoint of environmental hygiene in the present study. First, indoor air quality and its adverse effect on health is reviewed according to the history of sick buildings. Next, the factors concerning indoor air quality are indicated, and then measures to combat these problems are considered to improve the indoor environment. No ideal solution has been found: however, we summarize important knowledge on research to regain patient health as a result SBS and MCS.

Air is essential to our well-being, yet a growing environmental health concern.
Use this course to cleanse the air of pollution sources you never even knew existed.

If you’re constantly suffering from hives, nasal congestion, watery eyes, difficulty breathing etc….
All of these things can be remedied by removing the pollution sources in your home. This is what’s causing the aggravation. It’s a lot easier than you think.

Maybe you’re sick fed up with all your prescription medication. The nasal sprays, decongestants and antihistamines may be doing more harm than good…
Maybe you’re hay-fever is noticeably impacting your quality of life. It’s not just affecting you outside, as the pollen granules are easily dragged into your home…
Maybe you constantly feel like you have a cold. In actual fact, these cold-like symptoms may be the result of indoor air pollution…
Maybe you struggle to retain your concentration. You lack the energy to get work done because your mood and energy is affected…
Maybe you struggle to sleep at night due to a stuffy bedroom. This increases the likelihood of snoring and developing sleep apnea.

What would it mean to you to alleviate symptoms of poor air quality. Feel incredibly refreshed in your home…
Have increased energy and focus
Lower your risk of cardiovascular disease
Increase life expectancy
Get better, more restful night’s sleep
Finally bring your allergies, such as hives and asthma under control Click Here For Detailed Information…

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