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GeniueAfter you read this article you’ll:
Discover a training method different from anything you’ve seen before or even been told about before.
Discover how body-part splits, full body splits, and conventional bodybuilding workouts give you a O Shaped Physique, not a V Shape.
Discover a new way to workout that will help you build the perfect muscle, and the perfectly shaped physique, while spending LESS TIME IN THE GYM.
When most guys start training they work one body part a day for 5 days in a week. Some are smart, they build a base by training 3 days a week, doing full body workouts.
There’s a problem with BOTH of these methods: They build imbalanced, imperfect muscles.
Let’s use the back muscles as an example as it’s a very important part of developing a V Shape.

When you train your back you typically work the lats from a vertical angle – doing pulldowns – from a horizontal angle – doing rows – and the traps – doing upright rows. That’s 3 plains, rarely do we work all of them in a back workout in a body part split, and especially not in a full body split.

But that’s not it for back.

The traps are split into 3 sections:

The mid trap
Upper trap
Lower trap
Each aspect of the muscle requires a different exercise and angle of training.

What is the Perfect V Method?

First, this IS NOT about muscle building vs fat loss, it’s about building the perfect shape, after that you can add more muscle or burn more fat and you’re going to do with the PERFECT PROPORTIONS.
The Perfect V Method is a specialization program that focuses developing ONE MUSCLE at a time, before moving on to the next muscle.
This way you can work the muscle 3-4 days a week (with one full body maintenance day to ensure that the rest of your body doesn’t shrink), from every angle, with every exercise…
But it’s not that simple.
With every workout you work one angle, so that during the next workout, the part of the muscle you worked last time is in recovery.
What makes the Perfect V Method so unique is that it completely focuses on the two muscle groups that create the Perfect V:
The Deltoids, and the
The Back
If you’re just starting out, this program will give you the base you need to build upon, rather than the rounded, bloated body that comes from bulking.
If you’ve already built a base, the Perfect V Solution will completely improve the shape of your body, while helping you maintain your base, and shed fat. Click Here For Detailed Information…

Thanks for visiting our own honest Perfect V Shape Torso Review. In this review you can find out if Perfect V Shape Torso is simply scam or else authentic. It has been a relatively simple and enjoyable endeavor for us to evaluate this product. By reading through our review you can find out more info on this product.


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