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GeniueBeyond the Fundamentals: The Next Dimension is a 72 minute MP3 audio program that focuses on the EXACT elements that will take you from having a passable feminine voice to having a beautiful feminine voice.

Best of all, this program can help you whether you have voice feminization experience– or are a total newbie!
No matter where you are in your journey, Beyond the Fundamentals will give you the tools to achieve your best feminine voice.
If you’re a beginner, these quick and easy exercises are a great place to start. You can later expand your skills with my 30 Day Crash Course.
If you’re more advanced, this program will help you take your voice to the next level.

Here’s what you’ll discover in Beyond the Fundamentals:

1. The Daily Dozen Drills
There is nothing more important than daily practice if you want a beautiful voice. The Daily Dozen Drills is a structured routine that will help you perfect all 9 Elements of an Exceptional Feminine Voice.
I designed the Daily Dozen Drills to fit into a busy schedule. They only take 20 minutes and can be practiced while you are driving or doing chores around the house. Now there is NO excuse not to have a beautiful feminine voice!

2. Pop Belt Voice Placement Exercises
There’s more to feminizing your voice than raising your pitch. Resonance is a key element in creating a beautiful feminine voice.
Resonance has to do with the “ring” of your voice. Since males have a throat space that is bigger than females, their voices have a fuller, deeper quality – even when the pitch is the same. Click Here For Detailed Information…

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