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GeniueHere’s What You’ll Get With Blues Bass For Guitar Players…
The technique shortcuts for playing bass with maximum efficiency and minimal strain… you just need to adapt what you do, not relearn it.
The most common bass structures used to create classic, timeless blues bass lines.
How to move the bass structures from chord to chord in order to follow the 12 bar blues. The best thing about this is that each structure is a “learn once, use many times” thing. You don’t have to relearn for new chords or keys.
How to add some “flavor” to your bass lines with chromatic notes and passing tones. This one trick alone is the missing secret sauce for most bass players (even professionals!)
Of course you’ll get complete video instruction with me, Steve Araujo, and every example is written out in standard notation and TAB, along with all the jam tracks I use throughout the course.
Immediate access to the material in a secure membership website. You can access the material anytime and get started right away, just a couple minutes from now.
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You might have found yourself in our Blues Bass For Guitar Players Review. If you believe that Blues Bass For Guitar Players can be a scam this review will help you. Similar to that of our all of the reviews we made an effort to properly inspected as well as analyzed the merchandise and put out a legitimate review. Just by browsing through our review one are able to figure out more on this product.


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