GeniueThe Ultimate Piano Course For Beginner / Intermediate Gospel Musician
Gospel Keys Easy is a website renowned for high quality, VERY easy to understand Piano lessons. Overnight Transformation is one of our most powerful Piano courses that over-delivers beyond ordinary expectations.

Beginner Musicians
Overnight transformation gives you the perfect tools and information to help you to start having the right mindset toward playing the Piano. Soon after watching a few videos from Overnight Transformation you will start to realise that mastering Gospel Piano is very easy and all it takes to be a pro is some information to help shape your current knowledge.

You will learn how to bring out the best out of what you already know and how to quickly improve your skills

Intermediate Musicians
You will learn how to a better musician. You will learn how to use simple things like the melody of the song you are playing to add fantastic melodic fills to your playing.

The most important aspect of this course is some very crucial information you will learn about mastering the gospel music.

You will be able to apply the new knowledge quick and become a master at playing the Piano

This Course Includes
9GB Files Size | 50+ Files | 35+ Videos | MP3 Play-along Files | MIDI Files | Study Mode Videos | Online Streaming Available
How to play smooth worship chords
What sounds to set and mix on your keyboard
Learn how to do Chord Inversions
Chord Progressions & Powerful REHARMONISATION techniqies For 7 DIFFERENT Songs
How to turn BASIC chords into fantastic sounding chords
Super-powerful, Simple SECRET To Learning how to play on ALL Keys REVEALED
Introduction to ditones
Learn how to play chords with your left hand
How to hold chords when playing with a bassist
How to sound full when you are not playing with a bassist
How to use the melody of a song to add interesting Melodic Fills to your playing
Learn simple everyday practice routines to strengthen your fingers & improve your playing from today Click Here For Detailed Information…

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