GeniueThose of us who identify with this quote UNDERSTAND how hard it can be to learn the guitar and improve our skillset:
You want to learn guitar, but don’t know where to start
You have tried watching YouTube videos but they are made for people who can already play​
You think you “can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

Playing Guitar;

Sharpens Your Concentration
Learning to play an instrument can do wonders for your concentration skills. Playing an instrument requires deep focus and concentration, as it’s easy to make a mistake. You have to focus on quite a few things at once. By having regular lessons and playing on your own, you will improve your concentration skills and stay sharp as you age.

Increases Memory Capacity
Did you know that learning to play an instrument increases your memory capacity? There’s plenty of research proving that this is the case. The New York Times has reported that ‘new research suggests that regularly learning to play an instrument changes the shape and power of the brain.’ No more playing computer games to improve your memory, you can do it with playing guitar!

It’s Good For Your
Mental Health
Listening to music can aid concentration and ease stress and anxiety. Playing a musical instrument regularly can also help to reduce your stress levels by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. It’s highly therapeutic and relaxing, and as soon as you start to play you feel the benefits instantly

The first lessons in the membership will show you how to hold the guitar and where to put your hands. You will learn your first basic chords and basic strumming patterns.
Within the first 2 lessons, our goal is to get you paying your first song! Thereafter, the lessons move quickly to get you started on chord theory and modes, then move to blues scales and application.
One of the best things about the course is that you aren’t paying $36 an hour for a teacher, but can stop and start a lesson as many times as your want!

More advanced techniques like diminished scales, playing over Jazz changes and other advanced topics are taught. You will learn the application of Minor Scales (Aeolian, Harmonic and Melodic) as well as playing slide guitar in different tunings.
There are lessons teaching you key unique techniques made popular by iconic great guitar players like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan.
You will learn some of their unique licks and stylistic approaches. All this and much more, including creating your OWN melodies.

As an aspiring songwriter, its hard to create your songs without some method of playing music yourself. You can think of a melody line in your head, but getting it down into a form you can share with producers, studio musicians, and even band members is complicated if you don’t play an instrument.
This course is perfect for those who simply want to write songs and have a way to play the melody line for others. With so many different music genres in the course, you will find one to help you get your songs out to the world Click Here For Detailed Information…

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