Reviews are an important part of the decision-making process for consumers. Your honest opinions and experiences help others make more informed decisions.

Below are a set of quick tips and things to avoid. We also strongly encourage you to read our Posting Guidelines.


In addition to our Posting Guidelines, here are some tips to writing a review:

  • Write about your experience – avoid hearsay and don’t write from the perspective of someone else.
  • Review the right product or service  If you’re reviewing a store you purchased a product from, review them and not the product you bought.
  • Write clearly – Good spelling and grammar make your review easier to understand.
  • Be fair – Talk about both the good and bad points.
  • Be respectful – Don’t personally attack or insult others.
  • Be detailed and objective – The more details you provide, the more information other people can gain from your review.

Things to avoid

To make sure your review is processed quickly, avoid the following:

  • Excessive CAPS.
  • Swearing.
  • Marketing-speak.
  • Personal details or contact details.
  • Lengthy quotes – especially email messages.
  • Irrelevant links or advertisement – We reserve the right to remove any URLs.